Take a Step Back: My Video

Above is a short, three minute video that I came up with for you all. In the video I decided to interview other Dickinson College students, asking what their favorite cartoon was growing up and why. In my previous post, I received comments from a few people asking to do this, so I figured that I would give it a shot.

The video is not too long and not dense at all. It has some humor to it and is really just a laid back video. I wanted the overall theme and feel of this video to represent the same theme and feel that my blog has. I had a great time making the video, and I think the people I interviewed did too. I didn’t give the question to students prior to interviewing them, and I caught a lot of students off guard while they were studying in the library, so they had no idea what I was going to ask. Although, every student answered the question rather quickly and gave good reasons why they enjoyed their favorite cartoons while growing up. EVERYONE LOVES CARTOONS!

I hope that all of ya’ll enjoy the video, and comment below on what you think!


A Seasonal Surprise: The Polar Express

the polar express

That time of year is quickly approaching, snowfall, lights, gingerbread houses, hot chocolate, and the thought of Christmas are all making their way into communities around the globe. With that being said, I thought I would take a little step away from cartoons and spread the Christmas cheer a little bit with everyone by writing about The Polar Express.

Personally, the movie is one of my all time favorites, it has so much to offer, the story it tells of a little boy who is questioning his belief in Santa Claus, along with his trip to the North Pole and eventually encountering Santa. Through his trip, he hit’s points where his belief starts to become stronger and stronger, up until it’s verified when he sees Santa. Santa is real!


The animation aspect is something that I wanted to keep up throughout this post, so what better Christmas movie to write about than this one! Speaking of animation, the picture quality and different shots that are captured in the movie are insane. I remember when the movie first came out in 2004, the pictures were something that I have never seen before. Right when I saw the trailer, I had to see the movie! What do ya’ll think? Is it up there as one of your favorites, or is it overrated? Comment!

Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom

The best of all cartoon theme songs! Danny Phantom’s half-ghost life described, along with what the cartoon will be about, within a minute of the shows introduction. Every collegiate kid who grew up watching this show wishes it were still on. Airing in 2004 and ending in 2007, we can all agree that this show was on the top list of best cartoons.

He was a normal high school kid until his scientist parents built a ghost portal where Danny wondered into and gained his powers from the rearrangement of his molecules. His once normal life was completely changed, where he now had to stop all the ghost coming out of the portal.Danny gif

What I really enjoyed about this show was how Danny grew into his powers as he grew up as a kid. He started out not knowing how to do anything as a ghost, but as the seasons developed, so did he. Like a lot of other cartoons, he experiences a life at home and at school as well. He has two best friends, one which he has a crush on, crazy parents, and deals with everything that a normal high schooler does.


I can’t believe this show stopped showing. It’s crazy to believe that it’s been just over 10 years since the last airing. We need to bring it back! Not just because it’s one of my personal favorites, but for all the following reasons:



He’d say it every time he pounced into action




They’re the perfect combination between funny and scary.




Danny’s ghost sucker upper. Every time he defeats a ghost, he puts them into his device and sends them back to the portal where they came from.

Who knows if the show will make a comeback or not, but with how unique this show was and the comedy/scariness of it, we definitely deserve to see it back on the air!





Surprise, you could have guessed that this one was going to come up eventually. Easily one of the best, if not the best, cartoon of the 90’s.  Rugrats may have been over played over the years, but that doesn’t take away from how well the creators did with this one. The idea behind the show is genius: four babies and their cousin take on adventures and encounter obstacles they don’t always understand.

rug gif

One of my favorite parts about this show is how many characters there actually are. They are endless! Tommy, the leader of the group who is fearless of any and everything. Then theres Chuckie, the exact opposite, scared of everything, Phil and Lil, the two siblings that are always arguing; and Angelica, the definition of a brat. Then there’s all the adults and of course the dog, Spike.

Watching the show growing up, and going back and watching a few episodes every now and then today, I still can’t believe how much I still love it. I hands down relate the most to Tommy and Chuckie compared to anyone else in the show. Even though the two characters are polar opposites, I have and still do act like them today. I think that’s the reason why I love the show so much, it’s so relatable. Anything that these kids did, I probably did as a child too. Looking back, it really represents the thought process children have.

all grown up

Now, the show is frickin awesome, but you can’t mention Rugrats without talking about the twist that Nickelodeon puts on with “All Grown Up!”. Rugrats legit grew up with it’s viewers with this show, the babies are now several years older but have the same characteristics and personalities. Although the show didn’t get the best reaction from viewers, which I think was because of change. Not a lot of people accepted the change from the babies to young kids. Even though the reviews may not have been there, the idea and logic is brilliant! Go check it out on youtube!


The Fairly OddParents

fairly odd parents
via nickelodeon

First off, lets start by saying, who wouldn’t want two, even one, fairy godparents following them around and granting them wishes whenever you wanted?!

Since airing in 2001, “The Fairly OddParents” has been one of Nickelodeons biggest hits, being one of their longest running series to date, and winning numerous awards for their editing and voiceovers. A lot of people put it in the same category as Spongebob, nickelodeons most prized possession. “The Fairly OddParents” stopped making episodes in 2006, but racked up a total of 10 seasons.

Anyways, back to the cartoon, what you really came here for. Timmy Turner is your average Joe kid who lives a miserable life, he is bullied by his classmate Francis, and hated by his teacher, Mr. Crocker, his parents are oblivious to just about everything, even him, and leave him with his devil of a babysitter, Vicky. Although his life may absolutely suck, he does have his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, that can grant just about any wish he desires.


via nickelodeon

Each episode is based on a wish or multiple wishes that Timmy makes, a lot of the time they end up being bad and teaching him a lesson. While Timmy may make a bad wish, he has to work to make things right, without breaking “Da Rules”, a set of instructions that Cosmo and Wanda must follow as Timmy’s fairy god parents. This is what makes this such a good children’s cartoon, Timmy often takes responsibilities for his actions and works to improve the situation and make things right, it also has that constant reminder of “always be careful of what you wish for.”

via nickelodeon


Growing up watching this show, every time I’d turn it on, I would always want to have fairy godparents. When I was little, I even wrote on my Christmas list, “I want fairy godparents”…unfortunately Santa didn’t bring me them. The Fairly OddParents is a show that I watched a lot as a kid growing up, and was about the same age as Timmy, nine or ten, when I would watch it. I think one of the reasons I liked it so much was the imagination that the creators put into it. There is no two episodes that are remotely alike. Each adventure that Timmy takes with Cosmo and Wanda is different. There is also a lot of bouncing around, which I enjoy, there are a lot of different characters playing important roles in each episode.

Overall, I thought this show had a lot of imagination built into it, and each episode took you on an adventure. If you are a fan, you’ll be happy to hear that the makers are possibly in the works of adding more episodes and another season to nickelodeon. Butch Hartman, the creator of the show, along with “Danny Phantom,” “T.U.F.F. Puppy” and “Bunsen Is a Beast,” is trying to get three new television series on board.




Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold!Image via Nickelodeon

Arguably one of the best cartoons for us 90’s kids to watch. Hey Arnold! was created by Craig Bartlett in 1988, and first aired in 1996. As a fourth grade student in the city, Arnold is easily one of the chillest kids on the block. He is surrounded by a miscellaneous group of characters, including his best friend Gerald, his extremely odd grandparents, crazy classmate/lover Helga, and many others.

Image via Nickelodeon

Growing up as a kid, I loved watching this show, and my parents urged me to! Parents urging their kid to watch cartoons, isn’t that unheard of? Through five seasons, Arnold always did the right thing; he was a great friend, grandchild, and student. He always looked on the bright side and was polite to everyone around him, going out of his way to help others before thinking about himself.

The show was easily one of my favorite cartoons, and I still go back and watch it every now and then. Why? Because it’s so relatable, everything that Arnold goes through, you can relate to. Bullies, elementary school, girls, school projects, lunchtime, recess, school dances, days off, whether we enjoyed it all or not, we all went through it.

hey arnold gifhey arnold gif 1hey arnold gif 2hey arnold gif 3GIF via Tumblr

Arnold did everything that a city boy would do, walking to school just a few blocks away your house, playing in the streets with friends, and yes…… he even took the subway. While I personally am not from a big city, I have classmates and friends that grew up in New York City. I decided to interview one of them just to see how relatable Arnold’s lifestyle is to his growing up in the city:

How realistic is Hey Arnold’s lifestyle to those that live in the city?

– It’s pretty realistic considering it’s a cartoon. The things that Arnold and his friends do, like go to school right by their house, along with hang out in their neighborhood are all pretty common things for city kids to do

As a kid that grew up in the city, how much can you relate to Hey Arnold?

– I think it’s pretty easy to relate to Arnold and his friends. As I mentioned before, the things that Arnold and his friends do, like playing ball in the streets or going to school a few blocks away, are all very similar things to what I did growing up in the city. There are also so many different characters, each having their own background and difference from one another, this is also like living in the city, there are so many different types of people.

What is your favorite thing about the show?

– My favorite thing about the show is how much it takes me back to my childhood. I remember growing up only being able to watch TV on the weekends and Hey Arnold brings back memories of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.

If you loved watching Hey Arnold! as a kid, you’ll be happy to hear that they are coming out with a movie! Yes, you heard right, they are bringing it back. Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie will be dropping around Thanksgiving, just about a month away. Take a look at the trailer below, keep your eyes and ears pealed for the exact date, and let me know what you think!